"Manufacturing and selling quality Appalachian hardwoods and offering honest value to a global market since 1981."

Blue Ridge Lumber Co., LLC provides quality hard wood products from our local forests in Virginia and West Virginia. We believe in and practice sustainable forest management. We provide a range of high quality products from rough cut green, air dried or kiln dried lumber to custom run millworks and flooring. We are proud to sell our materials to the local community in addition to the global market.

We specialize in Red and White Oak, Poplar, Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Hickory, Cherry and Walnut. We also have a nice variety of "local exotics" such as Cedar, Basswood, Butternut, Elm and Sassafras. From these species we produce graded rough sawn and quartered/rift sawn lumber ranging in thickness from 4/4 to 16/4, specializing in 8/4 to 16/4.