Green  Forestry:  Responsible, Sustainable, Renewable

Green CertifiedForest Green

Blue Ridge Lumber Company, LLC. engages in sustainable practices that actively support environmental stewardship through the following methods. (Details of each action are available upon request.)

Appalachian Hardwoods Verified Sustainable
Best Management Practices “BMP's”
Stream Side Management Zones “SMZ's”
USDA APHIS - Emerald Ash Borer Compliant Certified
Sharp Logger Program
Virginia Seed Tree Law
Registered by the Commonwealth of Virginia
Licensed and Registered by the State of West Virginia
Compliance Agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia
Compliance Agreement with the United States Forest Service
Compliant with The Lacey Act “Illegal Logging”
Controlled Wood Compliant
University Degrees in Forestry
Support Environmental Stewardship Programs

Carbon Footprint

Blue Ridge Lumber Company, LLC. is active in reducing its impact on the environment by utilizing and supporting the following Environmental Best Practices. (Details of each are available upon request.)

Recycling Before Land Filling
Waste Oil Recovery
“Clean Diesel Technology”
Use of “Inter Modal” Transportation
Efficient Inter-Company transportation
“Bio Mass” Conversion to Energy
100% Use of Manufactured Products
Reduced Electrical Use Through Efficient Practices
Air Quality Permits
Reduced Electric Consumption During Peak Demand